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“Xplorator®” technology: targeted, highly efficient and multi-dimensional compound R&D

Developed in 2007 – –, the proprietary and patented “X-Plorator®” technology from Polymaterials represents a new benchmark for industrial screening for compound innovations.

The “X-Plorator®” technology is a process of “high throughput screening” designed for the development of thermoplastic formulations. The processes of processing and testing thermoplastic compounds are combined with the mathematical methods of “Design of Experiments” (DoE) to form a specific process sequence. The results are forecast models based on the measurement data obtained, which can then be used to find the best compounds.

In a multidimensional search for optimal formulations and ideal property profiles, the “X-Plorator®” technology offers the best chance for superior compound innovations, e. g. B. with superior performance and/or the most balanced price-performance ratio.

Dr. Katrin Bolz

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Dr. Gerhard Maier (CTO)

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Example of a customer-specific trial design

The starting point of a project is the definition of the components, their proportions and the exact test design in cooperation with the customer. On this basis, a design is generated with the DoE program. Then the DIN-sized test specimens are produced, whereby only approx. 1 kg of total material is required per compound. Depending on the number of test specimens, compounds can be produced and tested per day approx. 15 – 35 Compounds can be produced and tested.

DoE: Interactions as basis for forecasts

The measured data obtained, e. g. B, are used for model generation. Characteristic values for impact strength, modulus of elasticity or elongation at break, results of flame retardancy measurements or results such as Vicat temperature or HDT are used. Prices of raw materials can also be used. On this basis, the "Optimizer”; is used to create a forecast model for finding the optimum compound composition.

Compound forecasting with the Optimizer

With its specific database for the investigated compounds and their property profiles, the customer has at his disposal a prognosis module with the optimizer that can always be used to find the best compounds in a targeted manner. An ideal "navigation system”; for developers and application technicians on the customer side and a future-oriented tool for improving the "time to market”; for compound innovations.

Customer advantage

  • State-of-the-art screening method by combining conventional plastics processing with modern methods of “Design of Experiments”.
  • Creation of a forecast model that can be used at any time for compound optimization.
  • Knowledge of the “best” compounds in the selected composition area for the respective application.
  • Knowledge of the interactions between the components and with regard to the target properties.
  • Very time and material efficient methodology (material requirement only approx. 1 kg per compound).
  • Ideal for raw material manufacturers (compound innovations and optimization) and users (own special compounds).