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Polymerizations in the pilot plant

The pilot plant operates in a three-shift system, ensuring continuous operation per week for longer processes. Polymaterials has a multitude of processes, apparatuses and their possible combinations on a pilot plant scale. In detail, these are various batch processes as well as semi-continuous and continuous processes in planetary roller extruders:

  • Polymerizations: radical, ionic, ring-opening (solution, melt, substance, emulsion, suspension)
  • Polycondensations, e. g. B. Polyamides, polyesters, polycarbonates, polyurethanes, high-performance polymers
  • Preparation of dispersions and emulsions
  • Boiler plants: 3 – . 500 litre volume
  • Autoclaves: 5 – – Litre volume (up to 30 bar)
  • Boilers in stainless steel, Hastelloy, enamel and glass, each in different sizes
  • Distillations, filters, glass ball mills, dryers, freeze-drying
  • Planetary roller extruder (PWE)
    – 50 mm Laboratory PWE: approx. 5 – kg/h
    – 70 mm PWE pilot plant: approx. 20 – – kg/h

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Customer advantages

Due to the large number of available processes and their combinations, the customer can be provided with a process specially tailored to the respective material requirement. Polymer development, the synthesis of materials for test purposes and the development of the synthesis process are equally interesting for processors and users to develop “own” polymers as well as for raw material manufacturers to optimize existing products and their further development.

As a neutral, external innovation partner, Polymaterials is in a position to initially produce the quantities of polymers required for market introduction as part of process development and then to be available to customers as a producer of special polymers in future polymer production.