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R&D projects – Labor

Typical goals of an R&D project in the laboratory (Kaufbeuren site) are the development and synthesis of polymers with a defined property profile. Depending on the problem and complexity, this can include the optimization of known polymers or the development of new polymer structures and/or architectures.

Polymaterials has the expertise and infrastructure to process a wide range of polymer reactions and to analyse and interpret the results. Special focus is placed on polymerizations and polycondensations in solution and melt as well as in emulsion and suspension. The synthesis of special monomers is possible in principle, but is only used if commercially available starting materials are not suitable or available. The quantities of material produced usually start at a few grams and amount to several kilograms in the laboratory in order to enable initial processing trials.

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Dr. Gerhard Maier (CTO)

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R&D projects – Technics

Projects on a pilot plant scale require a developed regulation on a laboratory scale. If no suitable regulation is available, it can be developed in our laboratories.

This is followed by readjustment of the synthesis instructions and/or scaling to the pilot plant scale, typically 10 – – kg. If necessary, process and/or recipe variants are tested and the reproducibility of the results as well as the stability of the respective process are checked.

The goal of scaling a polymer synthesis to pilot plant scale is in almost all cases the development of a later production process. In this respect, the R&D projects mainly have the character of process development, consisting of polymer synthesis and processing.

Both polymerization vessels and planetary roller extruders (PWE) are available for the synthesis step, whereby these extruders have their strengths not only in reactive extrusion but also in polymer processing. As part of process development, the resulting materials can be made available to the customer as sample quantities (approx. 0. 1 – – t) for his product development.

R&D projects – Compounds

Compound innovations, whether new blends or new additive combinations, are now the main source of new materials in the field of thermoplastics. An almost unmanageable number of possible combinations of polymer types and different variants of these types with blending partners, fillers, additives, dyes, etc. are available.

Polymaterials sets a new industry standard for the scope and depth of information of the results in the field of screening for compound innovations. The core is the “X-Plorator® technology” developed in-house, with which new combinations of compound components can be produced quickly and very efficiently and tested using standard testing methods.

Typically, with 100 – recipes are created in 1 – weeks the data and the forecast models based on them to describe the property profiles depending on the composition. Our customers benefit from using this technology by getting significantly more information on a significantly larger number of compounds than is conventionally possible.