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Consulting and Research

It is not always clear from the outset which material, which property profile or which synthesis route is necessary to implement the product ideas. Polymaterials offers the service product “Consulting and Research” to find the basic possibilities and to compare possible solutions in a structured and comparative way.

The essential starting point both for a targeted material selection and for a defined project planning is exact knowledge of the existing material situation. On the basis of a research we determine the property profiles and sources of supply of commercially available starting materials or technically and scientifically accessible optimisations and alternatives.

Dr. Christoph Jung

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Dr. Katrin Bolz

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Results and decision

The results are the basis for a well-founded decision of the customer for the next step, which can be the change to another, more suitable material, or the start into an R&D project, if no suitable material is available.

Customer advantage:

The results of the research give the client a well-founded overview of the materials available and of the existing starting point for a subsequent R&D project.