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Customized production „Polymere“

For Polymaterials, it is still a perspective at the moment, however, our planned expansion step: the contract production of polymer materials at the Leverkusen site. This gives our customers the opportunity to rely on a reliable supply of innovative polymer materials.

In future, the innovation process chain for polymers will be completely mapped at Polymaterials. The scale of production is expected to be around 1,000 tonnes of synthesis capacity, with the scale per polymer being unlimited. The focus will be on radical polymerisations (solution, substance, emulsion/suspension) and polycondensations (u. a. Polyester, polyamides, high-performance polymers).

Dr. Jürgen Stebani (CEO)

Telefon: +49 8341 9167-00

Dr. Gerhard Maier (CTO)

Telefon: +49 8341 9167-00