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Innovation partnership

Equally traditional raw material manufacturers as well as polymer manufacturers and users work on the development of material innovations. With large-volume material requirements it is relatively easy to cover the costs for development, arrangement, raw materials, production and marketing as usual above the retail price per kg. Difficultly, however, often impossibly it becomes with specialities and/or if the material requirements are (still) low.

Here the draught of the innovation partnership of polymaterial begins. Together with the partner no matter whether manufacturer, manufacturer or user, a material innovation can be moved by the use of the capacities of polymaterial in the practise. If the amount remains low or is the material too especially for the classical raw material manufacturers, is available of polymaterial in future permanently as a wage manufacturer. If the material requirements outgrow sometime the capacities of polymaterial, the raw material manufacturer can take over.

Dr. Jürgen Stebani (CEO)

Telefon: +49 8341 9167-00


Dr. Gerhard Maier (CTO)

Telefon: +49 8341 9167-00


How could be a cooperation look?

Of polymaterial is able to be available about the process chain „lab project → Skalierung in the college of technology graduation → (in future) production of the polymers“ as a raw material supplier for specific material innovations. Customers can be equally raw material manufacturers as well as polymer users.

The result of such a process chain belongs to the principal, because this bears the costs of the F+E phase and the production construction. The Polymaterials AG makes available her polymer expert’s assessment, the procedure know-how and certified staff.

Customer advantages

Access to an individual material innovation, competent project care by polymaterial, professional production surroundings and a sure care with the polymer raw material.

By a later transference of the production to the customer can be available of polymaterial further for the optimisation of the materials or to the production of specialities.