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Customers and Industies

Trust and confidentiality as well as engagement and determination in the projects are with the polymaterial uppermost foreign exchange. After this principle the experts of polymaterial work for many customers from different branches with different areas of application polymerer of Materials.

This encloses the chemical industry as well as z. B. the segments car, Elektro/electronics, energy (batteries and fuel cells), medicine / Pharma or construction, varnish and detergents. New and optimised polymers can get in all branches the customer the determining competitive advantage.

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Dr. Jürgen Stebani (CEO)

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Dr. Gerhard Maier (CTO)

Telefon: +49 8341 9167-00

Competitive advantage „own materials“

Polymers materials no matter whether in her form as a functional material, as a polymer additive or as a material, for example, in uses for thermo-sculptural plastics, play a more and more significant role. The in each case optimum specific qualities of the material or the individual adaptation to the exact requirement profiles of the single use is realizable from the raw material manufacturers not in every isolated case. Whether for cost reasons for the F+E necessary for it or because of the too low sales volumes for the single use makes no difference, besides, then the user does not get “his” material for his quite specific product.

One can accept this of course, as the competitor mostly has the same problem. More demandingly, but in the long term more aim-leading the start of an individual F+E project is for the solution of the optimisation job. Aim is a material innovation precisely for the respective material application. The best is present: The result is not available to the competition then, differently than by a development by the raw material manufacturer. This is the driving force of a huge number of our projects with customers from the area of the plastic manufacturers and users.

But also for raw material manufacturers make cooperation projects with polymaterial sense. Together with their specialists our polymer experts are able to develop material innovations and then to test with customers of the raw material manufacturers. An advantage: “Non-binding” Ausprüfen of material ideas with the potential customers without concurrent pressure of a later conversion.