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As an innovation enterprise with focus on polymers materials an attractive employer is of polymaterial also for occupational beginners with field Polymer-Chemie/plastics.

We place a lot of value of a sound technical education, no matter whether academically or professionally straightened. We have special interest in applicants with distinctive team spirit, flexibility and communication property.

Besides, our enterprise size and our project contents require a distinctive will to the fair cooperation, with the colleagues as well as with the specialists on customer side.

Do you have interest in an activity with polymaterial?

Then they apply on one of the written out places, or with pleasure also initiativ, under information of her frühestmöglichen entry date as well as her salary image.

Our main focus lies with the location Kaufbeuren (Allgäu) in the areas of Polymer synthesis in the lab as well as in the Compound development with extrusions and hose downpour machines.

In the location Leverkusen in the Chempark we offer rather technical directions – chemistry, procedure technology, Polymerisationen–.

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